- Photos from Ladyfest Manchester 2003 -
September 4th - 7th, 2003

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Manchester, UK - After finishing graduate school, I found I missed a whole bunch of great music during the 90s. I've been trying to catch up ever since. Free from the responsibilities of school, I took my first big vacation by myself in August of 2000 to Olympia, Washington for the first Ladyfest. So many of my favorite bands were playing plus there were workshops, films and more. I heard so much great music and learned much about myself, riot grrl and feminism (yes the f-word). But what I liked best was how incredibly easy it was to strike up a conversation and even make new friends. Everybody had something in common whether it was politics, DIY or especially music.

The next year I decided to take my first trip overseas for Ladyfest Glasgow. I got my passport, saved up my money and booked my flight. Just as before, I met lots of new people and made many friends from all over the world. Many I keep in touch with on a daily basis.

After that, I was defiantly hooked. I even tried a Yoyo A Gogo but it just wasn't the same. Lots of interesting people to meet but there was no cause uniting everyone together. The next year I attended Ladyfests in London and Washington, DC. And it was visiting London that lead to a job offer that resulted in me relocating to the UK. So I can actually say, "Ladyfest changed my life." :-)

Now, I guess, I'm becoming a Ladyfest veteran. It's amazing the number and distance these DIY events have spread over the world? Each organization has its own strengths and weaknesses but the framework remains basically the same. My latest journey was to Ladyfest Manchester. Again it was a chance to catch some good music, attend some workshops, see some films and art and see some familiar faces. Only this time many of the people who were just acquaintances have become good friends. And those who were already friends I treasure even more!!! - jws

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Alice And The Serial Numbers
No Problems Disco
Dance Diversion
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Little Girl With Cherries Gertrude

Delta Saint Zero Pretties Linus Charlotte Cooper
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We Start Fires

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